From the girls 

"I loved this course, The Blossom Guide should be complusory! I think it was a great uplifting experience... Thanks Jayde you have inspired me"
- Year 9 Student
" I have learnt not to let outside people or things impact how I feel about myself on the inside"
- 22 year-old Community Participant 
"This course is absolutely amazing for so many reasons and benefits such a variety of people. These discussions are really important for a young girl growing up in our world with so many standards and expectations. This course should be a compulsory thing for the whole year group to do because it is something that needs to be talked about and explored. Super important and a great learning environment"
-Year 9 student
"I am aware of how the world perceives women as sexual, sensual or both. I will now pay more attention to my own experiences and enjoy using my perfume"
- 15 year-old Community Participant 
"After doing the workshop I am now more comfortable, knowing that there are so many other women that feel the same as me" - - Year 8 Student
"I learnt about the differences between sexuality and sensuality and how they are used positively or derogatory towards females and what we can do to change or influence the future"
- Year 9 student 
"I want to thank Jayde for making me feel strong again and happy. How to stay calm and cool when things are going down hill. How to pick myself up again"
- 19 year-old Mentee

From the Parents

"Today was very informative for me because I didn't understand how bad we see sexuality in the modern year. I understand more now and really am aware of what's out there and how to deal with it"
"It was awesome to learn from Jayde about modern sexuality from a person who is well versed in the topic and how social media is impacting the lives of our daughters"
"The session was very informative for me, because information was backed up and very clear to see the bigger picture and the REAL issues affecting our society" 
"Came away with tips to use with my daughter and came away with a better understanding of the topic"
"Great presenter, engaging, informative, contemporary, easy to understand"
"Everything about the session with Jayde was informative. I was aware of all the topics covered but listening to Jayde speaking about it really hit home how much social sexualisation effects our children and the way they see things"

From the Staff 

".... Today's young women face the complex challenge of navigating their way through the cultural, social and personal factors shaping their beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours. Jaydes ground breaking program aims to educate and equip them with the tools to make powerfully informed and values driven choices on that journey. "
"In the time I have known her, I have consistently observed Jayde's passionate and tireless commitment to offering a values based program that successfully engages and educates young twenty first century women, as well as earning the respect and appreciation of their parents and teachers."
The glowing feedback from John Curtin students, parents and teachers, following her parent presentations and girls workshops, highlights the success of the program, as do my direct observations of her working with girls of varying ages, personalities and backgrounds..."
- Jen Fraser / Manager Student Services Years 7-9 at John Curtin College of the Arts 
"It was fantastic it was a beautiful intro to sexuality and sensuality for our girls. The definitions were very empowering for the girls. Very easy to understand and at accessible levels"
- Naomi Lorkin / Youth Community Development Worker - City of Gosnells
"Very well organised and flowed very well it kept my attention. Thank you so much, you communicate so wonderful and I really enjoyed the workshop hope to work with you in the future"
- Community Nurse
"Today was very helpful, I wish I had more time to listen"
"The session highlighted a real gap in services in young women's sexuality"