Founder Jayde Robinson-Clancy has a background working in youth mentoring, youth development and with women experiencing domestic violence and mental health issues. Jayde has worked with various women's committees including The United Nations Association of Australia's Women's Committee and has contributed to women's rights and well being causes. Jayde has a bachelor of social science degree and has completed postgraduate studies in Community Development and Regional Education. Jayde is passionate about personal development and supporting young women to reach their full potential.


The Blossom Guide focuses on how external factors impact young women's behaviours and attitudes. The program was created as a direct  response to 'hyper sexualisation' and its impact on young women.  

Recent research indicates
"More than 90% of boys have seen online pornography and more than 60% of girls" (School age). - The Reality and Risk Program

The Blossom Guide's aim is to guide young women to make empowered choices and to become aware of external influences, particularly around their sexuality.

Areas of focus include

  • Social Media

  • Comparison

  • Pornography

  • Values

  • Respectful Relationships

  • The Female Body


TBG is a program delivered through a series of five workshops. Its aim is to help young women develop confidence and awareness when making choices concerning their sexuality. TBG content focuses on ‘Social Sexuality’ and how external factors can affect young women’s behaviours and attitudes.

The program is fresh, modern and ‘down to earth’ exploring topics in a fun and interactive way using audio visual tools, group work, well being activities and personal reflections. The program combines social sciences, youth development and positive psychology. On completing the program young women will feel positive and have increased knowledge of, and confidence in, their own sexuality and identity.

The program is delivered in a variety of spaces including schools, local councils, community services and private venues.

Since its launch in May 2016, the program has been delivered to over 2000 participants in a variety of settings, including but not limited to:

  • City of Gosnells

  • Mission Australia

  • Anglicare Australia

  • Department of Child Protection and Families

  • John Curtin Senior High School

  • St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls

The program:

Session 1- A sexy society
Session 2- A new normal
Session 3- Positive female sexuality
Session 4- Respectful Relationships
Session 5- Perception of women's bodies

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