What values does the program instil in the girls?

The program does not instil any preconceived values in the young women, rather it encourages an exploration of and connection to personal values. TBG does not have an ‘agenda’ or set learning outcome. The program’s learning objectives are for participants to value and respect themselves and to engage in behaviours that are right for them and beneficial to their overall wellbeing. 

What about consent and sexual assault?

TBG does not focus on consent as the program does not focus on sexual health or sexual intercourse, but rather focuses on the overarching social factors that may be impacting young women’s behaviours, attitudes and choices around their sexuality and identity.

TBG does not focus on sexual assault or any other abuse. TBG acknowledges these are both important areas for young people to have knowledge of and has knowledge of support services and information that can be provided to the school and participants. Jayde has specialised training for assistance in cases of family violence and sexual assault.

What about confidentiality and disclosure?

Sessions begin with a confidentiality group agreement, identifying the session as a private space where personal comments are not to be shared with others. 

TBG provides a safe and comfortable space where participants are not encouraged to share their personal stories or experiences rather contributing to a group learning environment where topics are explored in a general way, therefore preventing young women from disclosing sensitive information or something they may later feel uncomfortable with. 

Will the participants learn things they don’t need to know?

TBG tailors content to be age appropriate and relevant. Content is created for maximum benefit for young women to utilise at this stage of their life and no information will be provided that is inappropriate, irrelevant or harmful. Young women will be learning new ideas, all aimed at empowering them to make the right choices, whether now or in the future. The program model focuses on prevention and early intervention, and is regularly reviewed and evolving so that it continues to be relevant and progressive.

What about students who identify as LGTBQI?

TBG does not include any LGTBQI specific content, however is inclusive, safe and respectful. Content is designed to be relevant for all young women as it is values-based and all scenarios can be applied to individual’s experiences or lives.

What about young men? 

TBG is a program specifically designed to support young women, however acknowledges young men have their own set of challenges in the face of ‘hyper-sexualisation’ and sexualised content. TBG is respectful of young men, and encourages participants to identify or empathise with how young men may be impacted by some of these areas and how young men may feel.

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