Social Sexuality

Why does The Blossom Guide do what it does? Why a focus on Social Sexuality? What does that even mean? The Blossom Guide believes and evidence tells us that girls and young women’s attitudes towards sexuality and behaviours are significantly influenced by external factors such as Pop Culture, Social Media and Sexualised Images. Bikini snaps flooding Instagram, pouting filters on Snap chat or twerking like Miley on a Saturday night represent much more than ‘girls being girls’ it represents young women naturally responding to the sexually saturated world around them.  We can appreciate adolescent women through the ages have been taught to value or even obsess over their image and bodies. Looking good, being ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ has usually been associated with success for women. However, what we have now is something much different young women are taught that being ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ from the moment you know how to ‘work it’ is paramount. Being sexually overt is expected and celebrated; what we are seeing is a whole new world to navigate for adolescents.

 The Blossom Guide appreciates Respectful Relationship programs and respects Physical Sex Education, yet how can these initiatives have meaningful impact if girls are being sexualised before they even hit puberty. Common themes of consent we have been campaigning for as a Nation for decades can be tricky when teens ideas of sex are now informed by Hard Core Porn. The real challenges young women face in this space is the belief that their sexuality is not something innate and personal, rather something you ‘put on’ and perform in order to be popular and valued. Who cannot remember stating to their parents in response to a rule “Oh but everyone is doing it” well that is how it is for the current ‘Sexting’ crisis we see in Australia. Young people don’t even use the term ‘Sexting’ because sharing nude pics is considered normal "Everyone is doing it". In a recent article a 20-year-old young women was explaining to her Mum nude images won’t be a big deal in 20 years as even the politicians will have a history of nude pics plastered over the internet, as it is 'that normal'. Whether you agree with nudes or not, this is the space we are living in and there is a call for down to earth and frank conversations with young people. The Blossom Guide is at the forefront of creating this space for young women, empowering them and giving them the tools to navigate this landscape for themselves. There is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ no anti this or anti that, the conversation is simply based on the world and reality we are living in and how young women can identify their own values so that they can make informed choices and feel good about themselves.