Good Girls and Bad Girls

Good Girls and Bad Girls
Since moving from tribal communities to agriculturally based societies where religion, property and marriage all have played a significant role in people's lives one thing is for sure we have always divided women into 'good girls' and 'bad girls'. Good Girls being the ‘girl next door’ who would be invited to Grans dinner on Sunday night and stay for a sensible game of scrabble afterwards, Bad Girls as Pamela Anderson once perfectly put it are “the one every man wants, but would never marry”, a simplistic split huh?
Even to this day young women struggle to find their balance in between, somewhere where they can express their innate sexuality, be comfortable and true to themselves without conforming to expected norms or ‘going too far’ and being called a 'slut'. 
The Blossom Guides workshops focus on how young women view themselves and others and ask the big question why? Why in 2016 can young women’s self-esteem cling to two socially constructed concepts? 
New research has concluded that teen girls 'sext' because they think it’s fun and sexy rather than because they feel pressured by boys. Times have changed and culturally being a stripper, porn star or hyper- sexual can be seen as cool and attractive you only have to look up Sasha Greys American Apparel campaign or the incredible transformation of Miley from Disney sweetheart to Madonna’s even better protégé. 
The truth is women are many things we are complex there is no black and white or ‘good’ and ‘bad’ just a combination of the two. Who can watch Grease and not get excited by the wicked transformation of the doe-eyed, poodle skirt wearing Sandy to that black of the shoulder top, beyond skin tight black pants combined with red pumps. Women are many things and young women need to understand they don't need to be a certain way to be valued or 'fit in', young women need to accept themselves as they are. An integrated sense of self will lead to much more confident young women and healthier relationships.