The Blossom Guide concept is simple Young Australian Women are not feeling good about themselves and their mental health is at an all- time low! Yes, some of these feelings of angst, awkwardness and discomfort during these developmental stages can be seen in our own or mothers and grandmothers times. Who can forget declaring they are not going out because they have nothing to wear, or staring in the mirror for hours trying to perfect their look inspired by their favourite star, which in my case was bold Red Fudge streaks Christina Aguilera ‘Come on Over’ style. Some of these behaviours can be creative and fun and some may say “girls will always be girls", however, what we find today is something much more toxic and detrimental to girl’s lives and that is constant comparison with others. 
Comparison with global superstars Gigi and Kendall, comparing themselves to everyday girls who are ‘hot’ enough to launch a career and become Insta famous, comparison with that girl at school who can afford Mecca make up and contour just right or that girl who has total ‘couple goals’ as she constantly shares the perfect shots with her boyfriend. The pressure is at an all-time high and it is really easy to not feel good about yourself. As a society we want everything and it is not as easy to determine what we have and what we don’t have based on our values and feel good about it. For example your nails aren’t shellacked every day but you’re saving for a kick ass trip to South America next summer or you don’t have a sexy girl gang with the best snap chats but you and your mates hang out and have a meaningful good time. 
Constant comparison makes us loose our innate sense of self and individuality as comparison usually focuses on extrinsic superficial qualities such as the ‘perfect summer bod’. Young women are losing focus on what is really important to them and getting caught up in socially constructed expectations and conformity. Last month Alyssa Azar became the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest at age 19 a mind blowing achievement yet young women’s news feeds were most likely flooded with who Kylie Jenner is dating.