It all started when I was paying for fuel at a service station when a title on the front cover of a popular lads’ mag jumped out at me. It said "Win a Boob Job for your Girlfriend".  

As a young woman this both disturbed and intrigued me as it reinforced the dominant theme of 'sexiness' that was becoming "the norm" in society. From that moment I researched and documented social and cultural changes that we now know have left young women feeling inadequate and believing their self-worth is based on being sexy or displaying sexual overtness.

After gaining a degree in Social Science and working in the Youth Community Development area for 5 years I decided to launch The Blossom Guide Program in 2015 to fill an obvious gap. The aim of The Blossom Guide is to develop confidence and awareness in young women who are making choices around their sexuality-and to educate teachers, leaders and members of the community- by addressing the hyper-sexualisation of society and the impact this is having on young women's self-esteem and self-worth. 

- Jayde Robinson-Clancy