The Inner Critic

One of the biggest issues women face is their own ‘inner critic’. The little voice inside their head that tells them they are not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, worthy or deserve the very best. 
After years of working in the Family and Domestic Violence field and my own experiences it has become clear to me that our own little monster inside of our heads can cause barriers in every area of our lives from self -esteem and self-confidence, communication, relationships, opportunities, health, self- care and our general wellbeing. 
Wouldn’t it be great if young women were taught resilience and how to truly love and accept themselves amongst the constant pressure to be more, do more and look good. 
Understanding what and where the inner critic comes from and how to quieten it from a young age would be powerful beyond measure. 
The Blossom Guide will work with young women to feel genuinely good about themselves and ensure their self- esteem is not conditional or reliant on outside affirmation and rather that it comes from an inner knowing from within. If young women can get in touch with their true selves this can be an amazing compass for life.